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AN0033 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-1701)
AN0034 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-1701)
AN0036 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-1701)
AN0050 Alpha-Pinene, Linalool, Menthol (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0051 Beta-Citronellol (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0052 Beta-Pinene (MEGA-DEX)
AN0053 Bornyl and iso-Bornyl Acetate (MEGA-DEX G-01)
AN0054 Camphor (MEGA-DEX)
AN0055 Carvone (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0056 Cineol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0057 Delta-Lactones (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0058 Faustrime Essential Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0059 Gamma-Lactones (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0061 Isoborneols (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0062 Isoborneol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0063 Lavandulol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0064 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0065 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0066 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0067 Linalool and Linalyl Esters (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0068 Linalool and Linalool Oxide (MEGA-DEX DMT-Beta)
AN0069 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0070 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DMT-Beta)
AN0071 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0072 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0073 Nerolidol (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0080 Flavors and Fragrances (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0081 Flavors and Fragrances (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0110 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-SE54)
AN0111 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-SE54)
AN0112 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-SE54)
AN0131 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-WAX)
AN0132 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-WAX)
AN0136 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-WAX)
AN0142 Essential Oils, Quantitative Profiling (GCx2GC-MS/FID)
AN0150 GC parameters’ effects on chiral separation (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)