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Environmental Pollutants Food Analyses Safety & Health Forensics
Chiral Separations Hydrocarbons Flavors & Fragrances Misc.


AN0003 Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs (MEGA-1)
AN0004 Drugs of Abuse - Cannabinoids (MEGA-1)
AN0013 Anaesthetics - Basic Drugs (MEGA-5)
AN0014 Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs (MEGA-5)
AN0016 Drug Precursors - Safroles (MEGA-5)
AN0040 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0041 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0042 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0151 Forensic authentication of paintings and artworks (MEGA-5 MS)