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AN0007 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-1)
AN0008 Phenols (MEGA-1)
AN0009 Phthalate Esters - EPA 606 (MEGA-1)
AN0010 Dioxins and Furans (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0011 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100, 8270 (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0012 Alkyl Naphthalenes (MEGA-5)
AN0015 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons - EPA 612 (MEGA-5)
AN0017 Haloethers - EPA 611, 8110 (MEGA-5)
AN0018 Pesticides (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0019 Nitrosamines - EPA 607 (MEGA-5)
AN0020 Organochlorine Pesticides - EPA 608, 8081 (MEGA-5)
AN0021 PCBs - EPA 8082 (MEGA-5)
AN0022 Phenols - EPA 604 (MEGA-5)
AN0028 BTEX (MEGA-624)
AN0031 VOCs in Drinking Water - EPA 524.3 (MEGA-624)
AN0037 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-1701)
AN0038 Pesticides (MEGA-1701)
AN0075 Halogenated Water Pollutants (MEGA-DAI)
AN0096 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100, 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0097 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0098 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8100 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0099 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0100 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0101 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-POF1)
AN0113 PCBs (MEGA-SE54)
AN0114 Pesticides (MEGA-SE54)
AN0117 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0118 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0119 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0120 VOCs in Drinking Water - EPA 551 (MEGA-VOC1)
AN0122 Benzene and Vinyl Chloride monomer in Drinking Water (MEGA-VOC1)
AN0137 Pesticides (MEGA-WAX)
AN0138 Nitrosamines (MEGA-WAX)
AN0139 Purgeable Aromatics - EPA 602 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0140 Solvents (MEGA-WAX)
AN0146 Pesticides (MEGA-5MS)
AN0147 Amines (MEGA-5MS)
AN0148 Phthalates (MEGA-5MS)