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Environmental Pollutants Food Analyses Safety & Health Forensics
Chiral Separations Hydrocarbons Flavors & Fragrances Misc.


AN0001 Butter Triglycerides T24-T56 (MEGA-1)
AN0002 Cyclic Hydrocarbons (MEGA-1)
AN0003 Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs (MEGA-1)
AN0004 Drugs of Abuse - Cannabinoids (MEGA-1)
AN0005 Ketones (MEGA-1)
AN0006 Natural Gas Hydrocarbons (MEGA-1)
AN0007 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-1)
AN0008 Phenols (MEGA-1)
AN0009 Phthalate Esters - EPA 606 (MEGA-1)
AN0010 Dioxins and Furans (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0011 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100, 8270 (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0012 Alkyl Naphthalenes (MEGA-5)
AN0013 Anaesthetics - Basic Drugs (MEGA-5)
AN0014 Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs (MEGA-5)
AN0015 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons - EPA 612 (MEGA-5)
AN0016 Drug Precursors - Safroles (MEGA-5)
AN0017 Haloethers - EPA 611, 8110 (MEGA-5)
AN0018 Pesticides (MEGA-5 MS Xil)
AN0019 Nitrosamines - EPA 607 (MEGA-5)
AN0020 Organochlorine Pesticides - EPA 608, 8081 (MEGA-5)
AN0021 PCBs - EPA 8082 (MEGA-5)
AN0022 Phenols - EPA 604 (MEGA-5)
AN0023 FAMEs C4-C24 (MEGA-10)
AN0024 FAMEs C4-C24 (MEGA-10)
AN0025 FAMES and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (MEGA-10)
AN0026 FAMEs C18 (MEGA-10)
AN0027 FAMEs in Olive Oil (MEGA-10)
AN0028 BTEX (MEGA-624)
AN0029 Residual Solvents - USP 467 HeadSpace GC (MEGA-624)
AN0030 Residual Solvents - USP 467 HeadSpace GC (MEGA-624)
AN0031 VOCs in Drinking Water - EPA 524.3 (MEGA-624)
AN0032 Whisky (MEGA-624)
AN0033 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-1701)
AN0034 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-1701)
AN0035 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-1701)
AN0036 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-1701)
AN0037 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-1701)
AN0038 Pesticides (MEGA-1701)
AN0039 Serum Volatiles (MEGA-ALC1)
AN0040 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0041 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0042 Blood Alcohols (MEGA-ALC)
AN0043 Amines (MEGA-BASIC)
AN0044 Glycerides - EN 14105, ASTM D6584 (MEGA-BIODIESEL)
AN0046 Glycerides - EN 14105, ASTM D6584 (MEGA-BIODIESEL)
AN0047 2-Methyl-Butyric Acid (MEGA-DEX DMP-Beta)
AN0048 3-Propyloxirane-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester (MEGA-DEX DMP-Beta)
AN0049 trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedimethano, acetylated (MEGA-DEX DMT-Beta)
AN0050 Alpha-Pinene, Linalool, Menthol (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0051 Beta-Citronellol (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0052 Beta-Pinene (MEGA-DEX)
AN0053 Bornyl and iso-Bornyl Acetate (MEGA-DEX G-01)
AN0054 Camphor (MEGA-DEX)
AN0055 Carvone (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0056 Cineol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0057 Delta-Lactones (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0058 Faustrime Essential Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0059 Gamma-Lactones (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0060 Hexobarbital (MEGA-DEX DMP-Beta)
AN0061 Isoborneols (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0062 Isoborneol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0063 Lavandulol (MEGA-DEX)
AN0064 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0065 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0066 Lavender Oil (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0067 Linalool and Linalyl Esters (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0068 Linalool and Linalool Oxide (MEGA-DEX DMT-Beta)
AN0069 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0070 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DMT-Beta)
AN0071 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DAC-Beta)
AN0072 Menthols (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0073 Nerolidol (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0074 Propylene Carbonate (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0075 Halogenated Water Pollutants (MEGA-DAI)
AN0076 Acetic Acid in Ethanol (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0077 Amides (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0078 Benzyl Alcohol impurities (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0079 Diethylene Glycol and Diols (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0080 Flavors and Fragrances (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0081 Flavors and Fragrances (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0082 Free Acids C2-C13 (MEGA FFAP)
AN0083 Free Acids C2-C12 (MEGA FFAP)
AN0084 Sorbic and Benzoic Acid (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0085 Thiols in Coffee Aroma (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0086 Volatile Acids C2-C4 (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0087 Volatile Acids C2-C7 (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0088 Xylene Isomers (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0089 Sterols in Coffee Lipids - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0090 Sterols in Corn Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0091 Sterols in Peanut Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0092 Sterols in Soybean Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0093 Sterols in Sunflower Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0094 Triglycerides in Hazelnut Oil (MEGA-LAP)
AN0095 Triglycerides in Olive Oil (MEGA-LAP)
AN0096 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100, 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0097 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 610, 8100 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0098 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8100 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0099 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0100 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons - EPA 8270 (MEGA-PAH)
AN0101 Organophosphorus Pesticides (MEGA-POF1)
AN0102 Alcohols (MEGA-PS255)
AN0103 Amines (MEGA-PS255)
AN0104 Ethyl Acetate and Acetal (MEGA-PS264)
AN0105 Amines (MEGA-PS264)
AN0106 Vinyl Acetate, Methoxyethyl-Acrylate, Vinyl Pirrolidone (MEGA-PS264)
AN0107 Ethylene in Air (MEGA-PS264)
AN0108 Phthalates and Naphthalenes in Food Packaging (MEGA-SE30)
AN0109 Alcohol Ethoxylates (MEGA-SE52HT)
AN0110 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-SE54)
AN0111 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-SE54)
AN0112 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-SE54)
AN0113 PCBs (MEGA-SE54)
AN0114 Pesticides (MEGA-SE54)
AN0115 Sterols in Olive Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-SE54)
AN0117 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0118 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0119 Solvents (MEGA-SOLVE1)
AN0120 VOCs in Drinking Water - EPA 551 (MEGA-VOC1)
AN0121 Solvents (MEGA-VOC1)
AN0122 Benzene and Vinyl Chloride monomer in Drinking Water (MEGA-VOC1)
AN0123 Anaesthetic Gases (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0124 Denatured Alcohol (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0125 Ethylene and Dichloroethane (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0126 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0127 Solvents (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0128 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-VOC)
AN0129 Ethyl Acetate and Acetal (MEGA-WAX)
AN0131 Bergamot Oil (MEGA-WAX)
AN0132 Chamomile Essential Oil (MEGA-WAX)
AN0133 Dimethylanilines (MEGA-WAX)
AN0134 FAMEs C4-C18 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0135 FAMEs C6-C24 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0136 Fragrance Allergens (MEGA-WAX)
AN0137 Pesticides (MEGA-WAX)
AN0138 Nitrosamines (MEGA-WAX)
AN0139 Purgeable Aromatics - EPA 602 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0140 Solvents (MEGA-WAX)
AN0141 Vodka (MEGA-WAX)
AN0142 Essential Oils, Quantitative Profiling (GCx2GC-MS/FID)
AN0143 PolyWax 500 (MEGA-5 HT FAST)
AN0144 Di- and Triglycerides in Vegetable Oils (MEGA-SE52)
AN0145 Methyl Esters, Ethyl Esters and Waxes in Virgin Olive Oil (MEGA-SE52)
AN0146 Pesticides (MEGA-5MS)
AN0147 Amines (MEGA-5MS)
AN0148 Phthalates (MEGA-5MS)
AN0149 Sulfur Compounds (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0150 GC parameters’ effects on chiral separation (MEGA-DEX DET-Beta)
AN0151 Forensic authentication of paintings and artworks (MEGA-5 MS)