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AN0001 Butter Triglycerides T24-T56 (MEGA-1)
AN0023 FAMEs C4-C24 (MEGA-10)
AN0024 FAMEs C4-C24 (MEGA-10)
AN0025 FAMES and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (MEGA-10)
AN0026 FAMEs C18 (MEGA-10)
AN0027 FAMEs in Olive Oil (MEGA-10)
AN0032 Whisky (MEGA-624)
AN0035 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-1701)
AN0079 Diethylene Glycol and Diols (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0082 Free Acids C2-C13 (MEGA FFAP)
AN0083 Free Acids C2-C12 (MEGA FFAP)
AN0084 Sorbic and Benzoic Acid (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0085 Thiols in Coffee Aroma (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0086 Volatile Acids C2-C4 (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0087 Volatile Acids C2-C7 (MEGA-FFAP)
AN0089 Sterols in Coffee Lipids - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0090 Sterols in Corn Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0091 Sterols in Peanut Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0092 Sterols in Soybean Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0093 Sterols in Sunflower Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-LAP)
AN0094 Triglycerides in Hazelnut Oil (MEGA-LAP)
AN0095 Triglycerides in Olive Oil (MEGA-LAP)
AN0108 Phthalates and Naphthalenes in Food Packaging (MEGA-SE30)
AN0115 Sterols in Olive Oil - TMS derivatives (MEGA-SE54)
AN0126 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-VOC2)
AN0128 Residual Solvents in Food Packaging (MEGA-VOC)
AN0134 FAMEs C4-C18 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0135 FAMEs C6-C24 (MEGA-WAX)
AN0141 Vodka (MEGA-WAX)
AN0144 Di- and Triglycerides in Vegetable Oils (MEGA-SE52)
AN0145 Methyl Esters, Ethyl Esters and Waxes in Virgin Olive Oil (MEGA-SE52)
A003 Migration of selected hydrocarbon contaminants into dry pasta packaged in direct contact with recycled paperboard
P001 Determination of Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons in Vegetable Oils (MEGA-1 HT)
P003 Analysis of Essential Oils by Ultra Fast GC