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Phases are also sorted according to their usage


Standard columns GC-MS columns Fast GC columns GC-GC columns
Chiral columns Dedicated columns Columns w. retention gap



MEGA-1 HT 100% Methyl Polysiloxane
MEGA-17 HT 50% Phenyl 50% Methyl Polysiloxane
MEGA-5 HT 5% Phenyl 95% Methyl Polysiloxane
MEGA-SE54 HT 5% Phenyl 1% Vinyl 94% Methyl Polysiloxane
MEGA-WAX HT Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Metal MTX
capillary columns (up to 420°C). The HT stationary phases are coated onto highly inert metal capillary tubing. Contact us to have more details!