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Solid Phase MicroExtraction

SPME Probes

SPME probes typically have square or beveled ends which can core or damage conventional silicone rubber septa. This results in short septum lifetimes and often causes septum crumbs to fall into the injection port liner, where they can interfere with the analysis.
As a solution to this problem, pre-drilled septa or the MicroSeal is recommended by manufacturers and distributors of SPME probes.
The Merlin P/N 21-01 MicroSeal has been developed specifically to resist wear when used with SPME probes.

Beveled SPME Probes

The orientation of the bevel on the SPME probe with respect to the Microseal is critical so that the beveled probe can push through the lips of the duckbill without damaging them. Incorrect orientation of the bevel on the probe will cause the tip to pierce or damage the inside surface of the Microseal. The figure below shows the correct orientation of the bevel with respect to the Microseal. A suggested procedure is to record the orientation of the Microseal in the port and then to install the SPME Probe in the autosampler so that the bevel on the probe is aligned properly as shown in the figure.

Beveled SPME probe correct orientation            Beveled SPME probe incorrect orientation



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