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The Correct Syringe Needle is Neccessary for Proper Performance

Merlin MicroSeal Compatible Syringe Needles

With proper use, including using the correct syringe needle outer diameter (23-gauge, 0.63mm) and needle termination (truncated cone or blunt tip), the life of a Merlin MicroSeal can be thousands of injections. Sharp edged or sharp pointed needles can pierce and damage the duckbill valve. The 23-26 gauge tapered needles also will not work properly because the 26-gauge part of the needle opens the duckbill before the 23-gauge part can seal with the O-ring.

Improper Syringe Needles

Improper Syringe Needles for Merlin MicroSeal

Do not use needles designed for piercing ordinary rubber septa!

The following guides (pdf files) list a selection of MicroSeal compatible syringes for autosamplers and manual injection. It was compiled from information published by syringe manufacturers.


M002 MicroSeal compatible autosampler syringes - Agilent
M003 MicroSeal compatible autosampler syringes - CTC CombiPAL and GC PAL
M004 MicroSeal compatible autosampler syringes - Thermo Scientific
M005 MicroSeal compatible autosampler syringes - Shimadzu, Perkin-Elmer, Varian, Dani
M006 MicroSeal compatible syringes - Manual Injection